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The Kurtlinger gangway

Suitable for all sailors.

With the Kurtlinger Gangway you finally have a safe gangway that thinks for itself.

Designed and manufactured by Kurt Aubele from Upper Bavaria, this combines constant sure-footedness with independent height adjustment at high and low tide in just one gangway. No matter which port, bay or dock you go to, your Kurtlinger gangway always adapts. From a flat transition to an incline of +/- 45°. As soon as there is an incline, there are always stairs for sure-footed on- and off-boarding for you and your accompanying guests.


Height compensation
up to +/- 1m
Tidal range

Thanks to its clever technology with self-leveling steps, the Kurtlinger gangway always adapts to height differences between deck and dock. This means that steps are always sure-footed and non-slip.

The following video graphically illustrates the adjustment function of the Kurtlinger Gangway.

Technical details


The Kurtlinger Gangway is a quality product made in Bavaria.

Only seawater-resistant materials, primarily aluminum and stainless steel, are used here.

to combine stability with lightness.

The standard version has a step width of 30 cm and a total length of 2 m (depending on the number of steps) to 2.66 m.

Other sizes and lengths are of course possible as custom-made products.

Intended Use:
Use as a gangway for safe entry from the pier to the ship.


20221123_134809 (1).jpg


The gangway is anchored in the ship using the pin, which must be folded out. The gangway is set up on the pier with the rollers folded out. It is important that the rollers are far enough away from the edge of the pier so that they do not slip off the dock when the ship is moving, otherwise the gangway and the ship could be damaged.


Transport/storage of the gangway:

For transport, a handle is attached to the center of gravity of the gangway.

The Kurtlinger gangway is available in different versions.

Custom orders

We always find a suitable solution and can produce a wide variety of custom-made products for you .

GW Kutter Bremer Haven.jpg

Custom made

for one

North Sea cutter


Here you can see the custom-made gangway for a North Sea cutter. Designed for owners to safely board passengers .

The guests go on excursions and occasional show fishing trips

with the cutter ' Claudia' from Wremen.



The new generation is here!

Can an ingenious invention be improved? The new model leaves nothing to be desired. Here the construction is more compact and the technology is embedded in the longitudinal struts in such a way that it makes setting up and dismantling the gangway much easier for everyone.

Image: Cut-away support profile can be seen in the red-marked area. The control of the movable steps is located here.

Here you can see the Kurtlinger S5 in the unfolded neutral state.

Here you can see the fold-out foot part of the gangway that stands on the pier and can be folded down for storage.

Folded out foot section with lock.

Folded foot section with lock.

Movement animation of the gangway in 3D view.

Here you can see the foot part unfolded and folded in.

Maximum up and down position and the neutral position of the Kurtlinger gangway.

Let yourself be inspired by the new generation of Kurtlinger gangways. Write to us.

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