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An innovative electric boat for your next trips into the blue

Do you want to enjoy your next trips into the blue in an environmentally friendly, relaxed and quiet way ?

Then the SUNRIVIERA 600 ELECTRIC YACHT just right for you.

Here, high quality is combined with comfort and performance in one.

Let yourself be surprised by the diverse interior of the Sunriviera 600 .


The SUNRIVIERA 600 ELECTRIC YACHT is available for you in different colors.


With a length of 6 meters and a width of 1.55 meters, this e-boat offers you ultimate advantages that have not been found in any other boat class to date.


The SUNRIVIERA 600 Electric Yacht is very stable in the water as a chine frame.

The seats can be transformed into the following variants in seconds without tools:

  • classic double-row seating with a small lying area (1.40 meters)

  • in back-to-back seating

  • a row of seats with a lying area of 2.40 meters

  • entire lying area of 3.80 meters

The sun canopy can be moved backwards, with this concept this boat offers everything a family needs to relax. The large lying area offers space for up to four people, who can lie comfortably in the sun after swimming. In addition, the sliding sun canopy takes individual sun tolerance into account.


The lying area is recessed, so you can sunbathe until October without getting cold.

Technical data:


  • Motorization with 2/4 or 8 kW electric motor with 6-24 kwh battery pack possible

  • Swivel armchair and generous lying area

  • Split windshield

  • Range 3-6 hours i.e. 35-70 kilometers depending on driving style


Price €56,000


  • 4 kw motor / 12 kwh battery pack

  • Standing sunroof

  • lighting

  • HD sound system

  • Drawer refrigerator

  • tarpaulin

  • HLF artificial teak.


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